Raja The Great (2017)

Raja The Great (2017) - (2017)

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Release: 10/13/2017


Genders: Action

Countries: Telugu

Subtitles: 10

Time: min

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Kill Bill: Vol. 1

Kill Bill: Vol. 1 - (2003)

The Bride wakens from a four-year coma. The child she carried in her womb is gone. Now she must wreak vengeance on the team of assassins who betrayed her - a team she was once part of.

Release: 10/10/2003

IMDB: 8.1

Genders: Action

Countries: USA

Subtitles: 225

Time: 111 min

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Chatrapathi - (2005)

Displaced Sri Lankas in a Vizag port are ruled by a local rowdy. This is the story of Chatrapati Sivaji who overcomes this oppression and how he reunites with his long lost mother and brother.

Release: 09/30/2005

IMDB: 7.7

Genders: Action

Countries: Hindi, Telugu

Subtitles: 3

Time: 158 min

Updated: 10 days ago

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Tigress of King River

Tigress of King River - (2002)

Set in early King Rama V era, former British soldier Peter Bain is busted for trying to sell defective firearms to influential Chinese merchant Yang. Forced to hunt wild game with these ...

Release: 08/30/2002

IMDB: 6.1

Genders: Action

Countries: Thai

Subtitles: 2

Time: min

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Belly of the Beast

Belly of the Beast - (2003)

An ex-CIA agent's quest to find his kidnapped daughter leads him on a trail of political intrigue, corruption, danger and betrayal; he will stop at nothing to save her.

Release: 12/30/2003

IMDB: 4.7

Genders: Action

Countries: UK, Canada, Hong Kong

Subtitles: 38

Time: 91 min

Updated: 11 days ago

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Fullmetal Alchemist (2017)

Fullmetal Alchemist (2017) - (2017)

Two alchemist brothers go on a quest for the Philosopher's Stone after an attempt to revive their dead mother goes horribly wrong.

Release: 01/01/2017


Genders: Action

Countries: Japan

Subtitles: 62

Time: min

Updated: 11 days ago

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Cutie Honey: Tears (2016)

Cutie Honey: Tears (2016) - (2016)

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Release: 10/01/2016

IMDB: 5.1

Genders: Action

Countries: Japanese

Subtitles: 7

Time: min

Updated: 17 days ago

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Batman Returns

Batman Returns - (1992)

When a corrupt businessman and the grotesque Penguin plot to take control of Gotham City, only Batman can stop them, while the Catwoman has her own agenda.

Release: 06/19/1992


Genders: Action

Countries: USA, UK

Subtitles: 113

Time: 126 min

Updated: 19 days ago

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Shootfighter II

Shootfighter II - (1996)

Shingo & the boys (Nick & Ruben) are blackmailed into helping Rawlins infiltrate an underground shootfighting ring in an attempt

Release: 08/27/1996

IMDB: 4.8

Genders: Action

Countries: English

Subtitles: 7

Time: 95 min

Updated: 29 days ago

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On the Wrong Track

On the Wrong Track - (1983)

A look at two brothers, whose reckless careers as gang members create conflict with friends, family, the police, school and their lives.

Release: 04/15/1983

IMDB: 6.7

Genders: Action

Countries: English, Cantonese, Mandarin

Subtitles: 2

Time: 88 min

Updated: one month ago

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